Can I return articles if they do not fit or meet my expectations?
You may withdraw an order in writing according to § 5 of our General Terms and Conditions within 2 weeks of delivery.  Please contact us by fax or email and we will send you a return mailing label so that you can return the articles without costs and for a full refund. 

When can I expect delivery?
We are known for fast delivery. Normally, delivery only takes 2–3 days, if the articles are on stock or if we are supplied in time. We ask for your understanding if delivery takes a bit longer for once. Sometimes there are reasons beyond our control (e.g. loss of delivery, supply difficulties of one of our suppliers).

Is there a minimum order value/quantity?
No. There is no minimum order value/quantity and there is no extra charge for such orders.

Do prices include VAT?
Yes. All our prices include Value Added Tax.

How do I get a customer number?
You get a customer number with your first order.  You can find the customer number on the top right side of our invoice.

Why am I not able to register?
Please enter your complete customer number/email-address and password and pay attention to upper and lower cases.  Also please pay attention to the difference between 0 (zero) and O (Oscar) as well as I (India) and 1 (one).  You can find out what is right by trying.

Can I also pick-up my order at a packing station?
Yes, we can send orders to the packing station of your choice.

How do I change my password?
If you already have a password, please registers to the online shop and click on „Change Password“.  Now you can enter your new, own password.