AWG Hydrant Stand Pipe

AWG Hydrant Stand Pipe

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with non return flaps and ventilation valves
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During extinguishing operation of fire fighters, the water pipelines could be contaminated and with it the drinking water. Possible causes are faulty operation of equipment or power drop of the mains supply. Admixing of foam agents is a particular hazard of the drinking water. In addition water hammer pressure by tank filling armatures or vacuum in the water pipelines due to different performance of fire pump and drinking water network, can damage the drinking water pipelines and contaminate the drinking water. AWG safety devices in standpipes, siameses, dividers and check valves avoid a backpressure, resuction or reflow of firefighting water into the drinking water network. The built-in clappers and check valves close automatically as soon as a water hammer will arrive. Two integrated aerators in the Storz 75-B adapter work fully automatic. At the smallest vacuum in the fire network, air will stream from outside and avoid vacuum in the fire water pipelines. In compliance with the technical rules (06/2015) of DVGW – bulletin E-W405 – B1 and W 408. Use of reverse flow preventer type EA acc. to DIN EN 1717

Standpipes for drinking water security are equipped with bonnets with integrated high performance non-return valves. In each adapter at the standpipe outlet, two ventilation valves are integrated.

dimensions: 1022 x 333 x 126 mm
inlet: DN80
outlet: 2 x 75-B
weight: 6.7 kg

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