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Airbag Protection System A.S.S.

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drivers side set car/van
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a few seconds to mount

In the event of traffic accidents, the victim and the rescuer should always be protected from unintentional airbag activation. This system is the combination of absolute safety and user-friendliness.

The driver airbag systems are available in three different sizes for cars, vans and lorries. We can also supply a front passenger airbag system. The driver system consists of six tested seat belt straps and a central plate, which contains the energy of the airbag and diverts it sideways. The driver system can be put on within a few seconds with an appropriate amount of practice. This phase is safe for the rescuer due to the fact that the A.S.S. can be placed over the steering wheel from the side and automatically centres itself when it is tightened.

Unlike systems that are made from metal, there is no risk of injury if the airbag deploys whilst the system is being fitted. Metal systems are therefore banned in the USA, for example.

The decisive advantages of the A.S.S. airbag protection system:
• extremely versatile and lightweight system for any application
• colour codes for the different sizes on the base plate itself
• short instructions with understandable pictographs on the cover plate of each A.S.S.
• all sets come in a practical carrying case
• TÜV/GS tested quality

Drivers side set, car/van
• for steering wheel diameters of 35–39 cm and 40–45 cm

supplied with:
car airbag protection
van airbag protection
operating instructions

case dimensions: 39,5 x 29,5 x 11 cm
weight: 1.7 kg

Shipping costs, Terms of payment and delivery and more you will find in our customer information.

Additional information

FAQ Airbag-Sicherungssysteme.pdf 88 KB Download
Airbag Sicherungssystem Pruefzertifikat.pdf 236 KB Download
Airbag Sicherungssystem Produktinfo.pdf 180 KB Download
Airbag Hinweise.pdf 42 KB Download

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