Review GPEC 2018 in Frankfurt

From the 20th to the 22nd of February 2018 we exhibited at the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) in Frankfurt. The fair is an independent information platform for internal security agencies such as the police, border guards, government information and security services, civil and emergency authorities, law enforcement and judiciary, and military units.

From the numerous prospective customers and the great discussions we were impressed. Especially the different Ruth Lee training dolls were very well received. Likewise, the possibility of individual holster and bag production tailored to the needs of the customer was met with great interest by the visitors.

Effective training can cut the time it takes to rescue someone

Well planned water rescue training, completed with reasonable frequency is one of the best ways to prepare. There are many excellent water rescue training courses run in centres across the UK, but many teams also chose to complete their own training to keep the skills up-to-date. Using the skills you have gained on external courses as a basis, you can plan training at your own base to keep embedding these skills.

By completing regular training, you can be confident that both you and your teams will respond with the utmost efficiency which is obviously essential in water rescue scenarios. Time is of the essence when someone is struggling in water and therefore the more confident you and your team are the better.

Why training manikins are an essential part of your training equipment:

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20 years rescue-tec

On the 20th. anniversary of rescue-tec, the news on our website is presented in a great new look. We introduce our departments, show how they work and what we appreciate. In addition, on 40 pages, you will find new themes for our seminars in 2018 as well as great deals and new products.

Being a rescue-tec customer, already now you can browse through our news and benefit from our great deals. It pays off to pop in! (In German language only)

News 10-2017 (PDF 16.7 MB)


Congress Atemschutzunfälle Live 2017

The congress Atemschutzunfälle Live at may, 20th 2017 in Bruchsal-Untergrombach (GE). Due to a severe breathing protection accident 15 years ago, the team around Björn Lüssenheide maintains an intensive contact with the local firefighters. The congress with a specialist exhibition was back in its own right. Not only specialist presentations, but also the intensive exchange on many topics relating to the safety of breathing protection devices showed that there is still a lot of catching up to be made.

As exhibitors at the accompanying exhibition, we were enthusiastic about the constructive and conspirative discussions on our products and their possible applications. We thank the team from Atemschutzunfä for the good organization. Special thanks go to the firefighters from Untergrombach, which celebrated their 125th anniversary in addition to the congress this weekend.

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We are overwhelmed! So many costumers participated in our survey–it will take some time until we have evaluated the answers. Every participant could take the opportunity to win one of the numerous goods vouchers with a total value of 2650 €. And now here they are, the lucky winners:

500 € – Daniel D. from Meschede
300 € – Sebastian H. from Velbert
250 € – Philipp S. from Spiesen-Elversberg

100 € – Dominik M. from Schöningen
100 € – Patrick S. from Adelsdorf
100 € – Christian U. from Lehrte
100 € – Yannick F. from Dortmund
100 € – Klaus A. from Osthofen
100 € – Nils B. from Heltersberg
100 € – Felix G. from Oberaudorf
50 € – Felix W. from Beelitz
50 € – Sven B. from Klingenberg
50 € – Timo B. from Neunkirchen
50 € – Christoph B. from Freiburg
50 € – Matthias S. from Bensheim
50 € – Heino L. from Fehmarn
50 € – Sven N. from Leer
50 € – Stefan S. from Frankenberg
50 € – Andreas Z. from Langendernbach
50 € – Richard R. from Tharandt
20 € – Stefan J. from Osterbuch
20 € – Luca B. from Stockach
20 € – Adrian W. from Bad Kreuznach
20 € – Timo L. from Jüchen
20 € – Leonard B. from Horstmar
20 € – Steffen H. from Riedtstadt
20 € – Elia B. from Oranienburg
20 € – Marcel M. from Lützelbach
20 € – Elke T. from Püttlingen
20 € – Jan H. from Niedenstein
20 € – Claudia F. from Heppenheim
20 € – Nico B. from Hessisch Oldendorf
20 € – Robert P. from Stavenhagen
20 € – Katarina K. from Rheinbach
20 € – Christian K. from Hannover
20 € – Ricardo M. from Erfurt
20 € – Björn L. from Nohfelden
20 € – Timo S. from Ahorn
20 € – Nicolas M. from Ehingen
20 € – Sebastian K. from Quakenbrück

rescue-tec on tour

The specialist magazine Feuerwehr Objektiv celebrates its 10th anniversary among other things with the symposium at April, 01. 2017 in Klosterneuburg/Austria. The event was well-attend and the presentations were very interesting and informative.

rescue-tec showed on the trade fair, which took place parallel, several new products. We had very interesting conversations with visitors and the symposium was well organised. A large vehicle exhibition rounded off the program. The editors of Feuerwehr Objektiv show some impressions on their homepage.

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rescue-tec News 03-2017

The rescue-tec News 03-2017 are available now. They come with a lot of new items and interesting special offers. Scroll in the NEWS here as pdf (only available in German) or see the products directly in the rescue-tec shop.

News 03-2017 (PDF 7,4 MB)

new products

special offers

Trainings and Seminars

A lot of customers asked for workshops and trainings for use of products or complex training themes. We would like to pick up this impulse with our new location.

From September 2016 on we offer seminars and trainings for different areas. Not only our employees, also a lot of our customers and suppliers are trainers and instructors and share their knowledge at the latest status. Just like our motto: from practice for practice.

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New Showroom with many possibilities

Service and customer advice are basic modules in our company. Thus it is our target to expand them further. To give our customers the possibility to practically test products, we have a new further location. In Runkel-Ennerich, Großmannswiese 8, only 600 m away from our head office we present products directly to you.

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FIRE-EXFIRE-EX Wetting Agent
The compact, effective solution for creating wetting agent

Using the FIRE-EX TURBO 1000 is as simple as effective. Insert the plug-in cartridge, loaded with a wetting agent capsule into your Turbo nozzle, couple the hose on and the system is ready for use – and with no change to the flow performance! The wetting agent contained in the case dissolve when water passes through and break its surface tension. Apart from that the foam film created impedes the ingress of oxygen. The effectiveness of the available amount of water is therefore much greater.

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ANT/ANTS-Workshop 2016 in Berlin

AGBB Berlin e.V. (Working Group Operational Fire Protection Berlin, Germany) implemented in corporation with the Berlin fire department a two days' workshop in April 2016. At the airport Berlin- Schoenefeld the participants could practice actively BA emergency training. It was the second workshop this way which allows fire brigades to see the Berlin model for ANT and ANTS live. Both variants were trained intensively at the second workshop day.
Thus the participants could take the ideas with them in their fire departments. rescue-tec was there as exhibitor. In extensive talks we showed our products and got ideas for new developments.

Forest fire equipment compactly paccked!

In the next years the wildfire frequency will increase with the climate change. In recent years mainly forests in tropical areas became victims of fire; in the future forests in temperate zones like Central-Europe will also be more affected. The seats of fire are often not available for vehicles, thus the equipment has to be transported arduously. With the Backpack Forest rescue-tec offers a nice and cheap solution for transportation and using the wildfire & rural firefighting equipment.

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 The importance of gas detectors

Explosion; Poisoning, Choking – The three main dangers caused by gases are omnipresent. Accidents with release of hazardous substances can happen at a wide range of places. Possible negative effects on living beings and environment must be detected and eliminated very quickly.

Portable single- and multi-gas detectors are an important part of the personal protective equipment which shall preserve emergency forces from this dangers. Also a mobile testing of rooms is possible before entering. The detection of gas concentrations and thus recognition the danger can save lives!

The robust and simple to operate gas detection systems of Honeywell are your ideal companion for operations involving hazardous substances.

We have assorted various models with different performance characteristics for you. All multi-gas detectors cover the measuring ranges hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and combustible gases.

to the gas detectors

 rescue-tec at the Interschutz 2015

It is the forth time we are exhibiting at the Interschutz but every time is a exciting challenge. With planning, smoking heads and meetings with our stand builder we started the fair many weeks before. How shall the stand at the exhibition look like, which articles shall we present and what do we want to sell in the store area?  > more

rescue-tec Interschutz News

The Interschutz will bring us new products and ideas. Of course we want all, which do not have the opportunity to visit to the fair, bring up to date.

Our Interschutz news with novelties and special offers therefore already available in advance for download.

Interschutz-News (PDF 7.6 MB)


Thought-out Solutions for Practitioners

For more than 15 years rescue-tec has been the expert for bags, holsters and backpacks. Many products were developed in close cooperation with fire brigades according to their wishes and requests as individual custom-made products. A lot of customer ideas were so innovative that the bags have become part of the serial production like the new rope pouch Dorsten.

This rope bag can be fastened to nearly every breathing apparatus (for devices with 2 bottles only partially suitable). It is hooked with one hook to the top harness of the breathing air cylinder and fastened using a rubber band over the cylinder valve. The pouch can be unhooked in one quick movement (pulled upwards) and removed by the user. The rope can be fastened on the inside of the pouch with a karabiner. A secure connection is assured, if the rope is used to protect the way back. The opening on the bottom, which can be shut tight, prevents the line running out in an uncontrolled way. 30 m of rescue rope or up to 100 m guide rope fit in the bag. Because its fixation on the ba there is no annoying sliding or covering of other equipment and the hands are free.

With its three attached additional compartments the rope pouch Dorsten combines the two components, rope pouch and holster. With the different compartments in an offset arrangement a fast access to useful equipment like scissors Cologne, loops with karabiners, timber wedges or marking pens is possible even in low-zero visibility. 

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Extinguisher Carrying System

Fire! Help is needed quickly. It’s good to have an extinguisher ready to hand. Sometimes its further away or an additional device has to be fetched from somewhere else. Now rescue-tec offers a special carrying system fur 6 kg fire extinguisher. The hands can remain free especially in narrow passages and stairways in machine halls or warehouses.

The carrying system can also be used in office buildings or public facilities such as kindergartens or schools. In an emergency the extinguisher can be carried fast and easily over the shoulder. So its transport is considerably easier and more comfortable than before. That could be decisive in case of incipient fires. The carrying system is space saving and makes a faster reaction time possible.

The shoulder strap is fitted with a pad for more comfort. For more visibility the system has a wide reflective stripe and yellow buckles.

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Safety stored equipment

As diverse as the tasks and the operational areas so is the equipment too. Therefore rescue-tec offers the multifunktional accessory bag. It is without compartments and so can be used in a number of different ways. With its compact size it is small enough to be worn comfortable at the belt but big enough for various equipment.

The accessory bag offers space for a small fire blanket or first-aid-material, for a hi-vis waistcoat, tools or special equipment. There is also space for documentation material for civil protection intervention and disposable gloves find a place in the separate front pocket. The convenient 2 way zipper can be also opened with gloves easily. The
padded back side provides additional comfort. The bag can be fixed onto narrow belts as well as wide belts.

Even for longer operations like forest fires or search and rescue operations the rescue-tec bottle bag is a good complement to the accessory bag. It is suitable for PET-bottles up to 1.5 l  content. The bottom of the bag has a convenient mesh material for fast drying, preventing waterlogging.

Quick Response Bag now in two different Versions

The rescue-tec quick response bags „de Vries“ fill a gap in fire fighting tactics. They allow the emergency squad to operate fast, effectively and water-efficiently. With the combination of a special nozzle and the specific method for laying the hose the first extinguishing attack can be performed quickly and simply!

Rescue-tec, the experts for holster and bags, have developed two quick-response-bags made of tough Cordura. The proven bag “de Vries” for 25 mm hoses, length 30 m has been revised and optimized. And the new version Rotterdam is larger and has been built for a 42 mm hose, length 30 m.

Both bags’ advantages:
- hands are free, because the bag is carried over the shoulder
- they contain a 30m hose, which is inserted in a special way
- the hose runs easily
- flap at the bottom can be opened, thus the remaining hose falls out and can be laid out

Often a 25 mm or 42 mm hose is completely sufficient in case of apartment or vehicle fires to ensure an adequate water supply and a good fogging, provided the suitable nozzle is used. The bag attached on the outside can accommodate additional equipment, e.g. an adapter, hydrant wrench or more.

The rescue-tec quick response bags “de Vries” optimize your operations. 

Water Rescue PPE

In flood situations, which are increasing, even small rivers and brooks have strong currents. Although they are not usually wide and in most places shallow, there is a danger to life. Pedestrians, playing children as well as canoeists often don’t have a chance. Such emergencies happen again and again.

The rescue-team’s personal safety should be priority. At you can find useful equipment for water rescue, e.g. the neoprene
suit “Rescue”. It was developed for fast water rescues. The suit is also suitable for frozen water rescues. It is highly durable with strengthening at knees, elbows, shinbone and backside. It is according to EN 14225-1. The suit can be put on quickly and there is a separate hood for more flexibility included.

Of course the head should be protected in a water rescue operation. Therefore offers the helmet “Predator Fullcut”. It protects temples, ears, forehead and skull against injuries. Openings at the ears improve hearing and make it easier to wear glasses and infiltrated water leaves the helmet more easily. Learn more about water rescue equipment at

Optimized Helpers for Operation and Everyday Life
Feuerwehr Objektiv 02/2014

The holster Multipocket, the first in a row of rescue-tec holsters was revised and optimized . It has two identical compartments for a rescue knife, a multifuntional tool or a lamp and a webbing loop or a marker. Now one compartment has a red, clearly visible pull strap as standard equipment. With it tools or knifes always can be pulled out easily even with gloves.

Also the „small brother“ Multipocket, small is now available as optimized version with pull strap. It is only half the size and made for a knife, a multifunctional tool or a lamp. The gear is safely stowed and always ready to hand, because both pouches have a cover that is easy to open also with firefighter gloves. Thanks to the universal belt fixing the holsters can be worn at all common belts with 2–9 cm width.

Safely stowed equipment always at hand – that is possible with holsters and bags from rescue-tec.

Preview: Equipment catalogue "Ausrüstungshandbuch 6.0"

Within these days our customers will find the preview flyer for our new catalogue in their post box. With a refreshed layout, we present lots of new products and innovations as well as some offers. For them who cannot await the printed version, please find it here for a pdf-document download.

   Preview Ausrüstungshandbuch 6.0 (3.5 MB)                       

Only available in German language. Offers and special prices are valid until 31st  October 2013.

The new, improved Scissors Cologne

The scissors Cologne have been improved and are now in a revised version available. With the new grinding it is sharper and cuts even better ropes, belts and much more – real multi-purpose sicissors.

Many fire services take especially in operations with BA rescue knives with them. The knives are useful, but they have the disadvantage, that if you want to cut, you mostly need both hands. A very good alternative are here the scissors Cologne, because you only need one hand for cutting. This is very important e.g. when you are in a dark room, full of smoke under BA and get caught. Then it is not always possible to use both hands. Now quick and easy help is needed – the scissors Cologne.

There are several holster to transport the handy scissors. One to fix them directly at the shoulder belt. Thus they are always ready to hand in arm height. With the other holster the scissors are fixed at the belt. In it it’s possible to transport more useful equipment. To protect the scissors against lost they have a key ring. At it a chain or a safety strap can be fixed. By the red handles the scissors cologne are good to see even in darkness.

The scissors have been a part of the fire brigade Colognes PPE since a fatal accident. Also more fire services in German cities use them meanwhile.


With the new product videos the rescue-tec shop is more attractive and more informative. See for yourself!

Motion pictures are more informative and a lot of product features can be better presented. Therefore we offer you for some products this new medium. Here you can find videos:

AU-02000 – Ruth Lee Training Dummy, adult, 30 kg
Frontal car crash (monitored with a high-speed camera)

AU-02005 – Ruth Lee Training Dummy, baby
Frontal car crash (monitored with a high-speed camera)

AU-02006 – Ruth Lee Training Dummy, child
Frontal car crash (monitored with a high-speed camera)

AU-02007 – Ruth Lee Training Dummy, youth
Frontal car crash (monitored with a high-speed camera)

AU-02010 – Ruth Lee Training Dummy, adult, 50 kg
Frontal car crash (monitored with a high-speed camera)

AU-02015 – Ruth Lee Training Dummy, adult, 70 kg
Frontal car crash (monitored with a high-speed camera)

AU-02015 – Ruth Lee Training Dummy, adult, 100 kg
Side car crash (monitored with a high-speed camera)

AU-02170 – Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Rescue Trainigs Dummy, adult, 30 kg
Frontal car crash (monitored with a high-speed camera)

AU-02175 – Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Rescue Training Dummy, adult, 50 kg
Frontal car crash (monitored with a high-speed camera)

EB-06015 – Carbon X Flash Hood
After watching this test you will never use another flash hood (flame treatment with several materials)

EH-05025 – Universal Tool ResQMe
A small emergency responders with a big impact

KE-073... – Emergency Tool FLARE
Overview the different functions

LT-01250 – Velcro Belt for the Hose Package
Hose package's practical use (only in German-language)

LT-01300 – Fog Extinguishing System
Examples of application

LT-01500 – Portable Smoke Stopper
It is so easy to install the mobile smoke stopper

MM-031..  – DVD Atemschutz – Profis im Einsatz
Ausschnitte aus der erfolgreichen DVD Reihe

TL-050...  – PETZL® Headlamp PIXA
Interesting product comparison (only in German-language)

TO-01260  – Rescue Knife "Fire Fighter"
Examples of application

TO-03150  – Biel-Tool Paratech
Examples of application

VB-022... – PRYMOS® Fire Extinguisher Spray
Immediately ready to hand and easy to use! (only in German-language)