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Leisure Bag

rescue-tec Duffel Bag Travemünde TA-03018 49.90 €
rescue-tec Duffel Bag Travemünde
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Fire Fighter Leisure Backpack TA-03020
5 / 5 (22)
37.90 €
Fire Fighter Leisure Backpack
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PAX Katzenwäsche 2020
New product!
TA-03028 21.90 €
PAX Katzenwäsche 2020
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PAX Raccoon TA-03030
5 / 5 (5)
39.90 €
PAX Raccoon
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bigger toilet bag

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For leisure time we offer PAX wallets, PAX mobile phone holsters, PAX trolley and more. From the cologne label Feuerwear you will find, wallets, mobile phone holster, laptop bags and more made of used fire hose. rescue-tec, the fire online shop for firefighter gear & equipment.

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