Base for exercise presentation - fire simulation trailer

Base for exercise presentation - fire simulation trailer

In order to prepare fire brigades for their operational tasks, it is very important to conduct realistic exercises. On the other hand, however, there is the time available to prepare and set up the exercise, as the tasks of the fire brigade are becoming more and more extensive. The exercise objects in the communities are often limited in availability.  . For this reason, the Vorarlberg State Fire Brigade Association has developed the fire simulation trailer project and worked out with the fire brigade Zwischenwasser as a base for the exercise presentation. The focus was on a realistic exercise presentation which can be set up and dismantled quickly.

The Vorarlberg fire brigades can book the fire simulation trailer for their exercise on the homepage of the fire brigade Zwischenwasser. For the presentation the base with supply vehicle and fire simulation trailer and two exercise actors will then arrive. On site, they then support the local fire brigade in the presentation. The fire simulation trailer has been designed in such a way that it can be optimally used for the representation of fires in buildings, garages, underground car parks, tunnels, forests or dangerous goods. With the built-in electric drive it can be easily positioned via remote control.

Different exercise tasks can be achieved with the following built-in equipment.

Fire simulation

By means of the propane gas fire with water bath, the flame appearance can be represented as a surface or point fire. The flame height can be adjusted from approx. 1 meter up to 5 meters. The extinguishing success is controlled by measuring the temperature with two sensors.

Smoke emission

The fog machine is operated with a connected load of 9700 watts and 400 volts via a built-in power generator. The smoke intensity and direction of flow can be regulated differently via remote control.

Lighting system

Various lighting effects can be achieved via the light bar in darkness or smoke.

Public address system

Through the built up loudspeaker system with 100 watt output power, fire noises and calls for help can be played. In addition, a microphone can be used for recording.

Presentation aids

Text and photos: State Fire Brigade Association Vorarlberg