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Fire Simulation

Fire Simulation Crackle Box AU-05105 269.00
Fire Simulation Crackle Box
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Fast conventional fire simulation. With rapidly flashing xenon globe. Generates a crackling sound.

Burning Curbside Waste Container AU-05110 3,298.00
Burning Curbside Waste Container
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Curbside waste container with built-in flame, smoke and sounds effects.

FireSales Mini-Silkflame AU-05315 209.00
FireSales Mini-Silkflame
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Simulates a small fire.

Reserve Silkflame AU-05325 17.90
Reserve Silkflame
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Spare Bulb FireSales Mini-Silkflame AU-05830 6.90
Spare Bulb FireSales Mini-Silkflame
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Bulb for use with the FireSales Mini-Silkflame. Available in blue and red.

FireWare Phoenix Silkflame AU-05318 2,139.00
FireWare Phoenix Silkflame
adjustable flame height 0200 cm to the product
Training Set Seat of Fire AU-05125 1,589.00
Training Set Seat of Fire
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Everything to stage a small fire in one box.

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Simulated fire makes it possible to exercise anywhere you want. Even at locations where there are people every day, such as a house or an office. A lot is possible with the help of light effects; you can for example create an impressive fire glow or simulate a short circuit using flashes. Simulate flames with a flame projector or silk flame: a silk cloth that is with LED lights and moved by a fan.

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