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Hazardous Substances

FireSales Colour Fluid, 500 ml AU-06110 17.90 Basic price: 35.80 per 1 l
FireSales Colour Fluid, 500 ml
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For simulating chemicals.

Chemical Smell Spray AU-07215
4,5 / 5 (2)
23.90 Basic price: 15.93 per 100 ml
Chemical Smell Spray
spray 150 ml to the product

For more realistic excercises.

Training Set ADR Numbers, magnetic AU-06140
5 / 5 (1)
Training Set ADR Numbers, magnetic
41 plates with basic plate to the product
Training Set Danger Symbols, magnetic AU-06145
5 / 5 (1)
Training Set Danger Symbols, magnetic
26 plates to the product
Electronic Practice Gas Cylinder AU-07140 769.00
Electronic Practice Gas Cylinder
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To simulate a piping leak.

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A large dose of attentiveness is desired when working with hazardous substances. After all, the substances are often highly explosive or toxic. When these kinds of substances are released huge detrimental effects on the public health are possible. This is why it is important for emergency officers to recognize the substances and to know what kind of characteristics they have. We offers several things to practice with a traffic accident, even with hazardous substances, like magnetic plates with risk signs and ADR numbers to practice with the Crash Recovery System. Because hazardous substances can ignite in to unnatural colours, we also have colour fluids in the assortment. All sorts of exercise materials help emergency officers for working during accidents with hazardous substances.

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