FIRE-EX Wetting Agent

FIRE-EX Wetting Agent

The compact, effective solution for creating wetting agent

Using the FIRE-EX TURBO 1000 is as simple as effective. Insert the plug-in cartridge, loaded with a wetting agent capsule into your Turbo nozzle, couple the hose on and the system is ready for use – and with no change to the flow performance!

The wetting agent contained in the case dissolve when water passes through and break its surface tension. Apart from that the foam film created impedes the ingress of oxygen. The effectiveness of the available amount of water is therefore much greater. The wetting agent also has a cleaning effect. Fire-Ex has therefore proved successful for dissolving residual oils from machines, vehicles and traffic surfaces. The soluble solids are mixed with 0,02 % and are non-polluting in accordance with EC recommendations.

• easy to couple between two C-hoses or jet pipe input
• usable at the pressure outlet of the vehicle
• no foam inductor needed and no slaving of canisters
• very cheap procurement and follow-up costs
• non-poisonous, environment neutral, biodegradable

Fields of applications:
FIRE–EX: excellent extinguishing power, shortens extinguishing time, saves water
Excellent extinguishing effect at:
• coal, wood, hay, straw, forest, moor or wild fire
• flat, vehicle or landfill fire
• textiles made of natural or synthetic fabric and packaging material
• smouldering fire or centers of fire at lower levels

Removing oil/decontamination of traffic areas with FIRE-EX
• rest oil removal on traffic areas for grip recovery

Vehicle cleaning with FIRE–EX
• residual quantity’s from FIRE–EX are perfectly to use to clean the fire engine,
   machines or equipment after the emergency

Cartridge adapter can be used with AWG Turbo nozzles T2235, T2300, T2400, T2475, T2500, T2750, T2950 and TURBO-TWIST System.

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