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The live store has moved
Runkel, May 2019

The new rescue-tec Live Store has moved and offer you the special shopping experience in 200 m². The store and showroom has been combined to form the new Live Store. Of course you can also access our complete stock. And all of this to try on and try out.

rescue-tec baut - mit neuen Räumen ins neue Jahr
Runkel, Februar 2019

Bereits in 2017 hat rescue-tec ein großes Projekt gestartet, welches jetzt in 2019 fertiggestellt und bezogen wird. Ein Neubau mit 600 m² Fläche auf zwei Etagen – mehr Platz für das Lager, Büros und die Produktion.

rescue-tec ist in seiner über 20-jährigen Firmengeschichte stetig gewachsen. Das Unternehmen besteht nun aus drei Gebäuden am Standort Oberau in Runkel-Ennerich und beschäftigt 19 Mitarbeiter unterschiedlichster Fachrichtungen.Das Lagerkonzept wurde komplett überarbeitet und optimiert. Neueste technische Geräte unterstützen die Intralogistik und digitalisierte Prozesse führen dazu, dass Pakete auch in Stoßzeiten noch schneller gepackt und versandt werden. Auch die Lagermengen werden sukzessive erhöht um Ihnen eine hohe Verfügbarkeit zu bieten.

Wie gewohnt unter dem Motto: schnell – kompetent - zuverlässig

rescue-tec builds – into the new year with new rooms
Runkel, February 2019

In 2017 rescue-tec had started a big project, which will be completed in 2019. A new building with 600 m² space on two floors - more space for the warehouse, offices and production.

rescue-tec has grown steadily in its 20-year company history. The company now consists of three buildings at the Oberau site in Runkel-Ennerich and employs 19 people in a wide range of disciplines. The warehouse concept has been completely revised and optimised. The latest technical equipment supports intralogistics and digitised processes ensure that parcels are packed and dispatched even faster, even at peak times. Also the stock quantities have been successively increased in order to offer you a high availability.

Of course under the motto: fast - competent – reliable

PETZL Training for the rescue-tec Team

Weilmünster, June 2017

We at rescue-tec, not only sell products but also apply them during our voluntary activities. Some of us have even already successfully completed the course “Safegaurd against Falling”. In order that we all know our products in detail, PETZL was on site in June.

The training area of the Fire Brigade of Weilmünster was the ideal location for this event. In the theoretical part, product categories, areas of application, test intervals, corporate policy and many more topics were introduced. In an extensive practical part, every employee could test the PETZL products in application, their advantages as well as their operational limits.

At the end of the event, we all, whether novice or experienced, learned a lot and/or refreshed our knowledge. With these new experiences, we cannot only better advise our customers but can also apply and pass on the things we have learned in our local fire departments as well.

Atemschutzunfälle Live 2017
may, 20th 2017 in Untergrombach/Germany

As exhibitors at the accompanying exhibition, we were enthusiastic about the constructive and conspirative discussions on our products and their possible applications. We thank the team from Atemschutzunfä for the good organization.

Hands on Training in Kühlsheim 2016
from september 23th to 25th in Kühlsheim/Germany

More than 120 participants trained tree Days for education with key aspect in practice. The wonderful team from I.F.R.T. and six Training-Specialist’s from the U.S. takes a hard training program at different stations. Our Team from rescue-tec was there for presentation and also to tested our products in tactical and practice ways. Many thanks to I.F.R.T. for the excellent organisation .

Rescue Challenge 2016
from June 11th to 12th in Osnabrück/Germany

At the VFDU Rescue Challenge 2016 in Osnabrück/Germany over 15 Teams show their competence.  In the framework of the challenge the VFDU offers a lot of special workshops. Beginning with the Heavy Rescue Challenge, which was in the first line more training than a competition. And at last a trauma care workshop. The focal point at the event was to exchange information and tactical practice. rescue-tec, was there as exhibitor and we present products for Heavy Rescue from RESQTEC Zumro. Many thanks at the team of the VFDU for the successful event.

Interschutz 2015 in Hannover (Germany)
rescue-tec’s impressions of 6 great days at the fair

From 08 to 13 June 2015the Interschutz in Hannover (Germany) took place. rescue-tec was there with 11 employees and a 170 m² large stand. We had great conversations, got interesting feedback, very good inspirations and answered a lot of questions. Here are some impressions from the exhibition.

Product presentation RESQTEC Zumro
Heavy rescue with the Octopus system

Together with our partner RESQTEC Zumro we arranged a customer day in May 2014. The focus was based on the octopus system, tools for heavy rescue after traffic accidents and collapsing structures. We started with a short theory block in which the products of the Octopus system were presented. After a short break, we began the practical part on the outside area. Several stations were prepared so the participants could use and test all the equipment like the NT lifting bags, ProFix Max, CribBlocks and hydraulic tools.

Training seminar “thermal imager for fire brigades”
In April 2014 we arranged a Bullard thermal imager training at I.F.R.T. in Külsheim.

Renovation and extension of rescue-tec
We expand our team and our company. Here you can see some pictures.

rescue-tec on tour
Again this year rescue-tec was in Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the workshop "Petzl & Beal PRO³". Our employee Yvonne Lang participated for 2 days an user training for height rescue equipment. In bright sunshine with tropical temperatures the equipment was tried and many times the personal limits were tested. 

Symposium FO-Academy 2012 in Austria
About 500 participants from all over Austria found their way to FEUERwehrOBJEKTIV´s 6. symposium in Klosterneuburg at 21.April 2012.  And more than 1400 guests used the opportunity to get information about Fire brigade´s vehicles, technology and gear.  The speakers were from several Fire Departments from Austria and Germany. The interesting themes ranged from technical details and tactical considerations to electronical  support.

rescue-tec on tour
Our employees Ulrike Kloft und Stefan Kaupe joined at July 28.-29. 2011 the workshop "Petzl & Beal PRO³". The workshop was an user training for height rescue equipment. Despite heavy rain in the morning (in the afternoon the sun came out) they had 2 exciting and interesting days at and on the ski jump hill in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. (picture Christoph Krah & Andrea Werner)

Breathing protection competition in Norden
At their open house day the fire brigade Norden (Germany) organized a contest for teams with breathing apparatus. In several tasks the teams had to prove their fighting spirit, fitness, and team spirit. Of course the tactic was very important, too. It was an exciting contest for the participants and the audience.

RETTmobil 2011 in Fulda
From May 11 to 13, around 20 000 trade visitors from Germany and abroad visited the Rettmobil in Fulda. 400 exhibitors from 17 nations presented their products. rescue-tec presented the holster-range.

Conference on "tactics & techniques" in Austria
On April 9, FEUERWEHR OBJEKTIV organized for the 5th time a conference with appropriate exhibition. The congress was fully booked with 500 participants. Many other visitors visited the car show and exhibition, which extended over the entire area of the Rehab Center. Visitors came from Austria, Germany and the Netherlands to Klosterneuburg!

Conference Report

rescueDAYS 2010
From October 1 to 3, WEBER-HYDRAULIK presented their popular training event for assistance after accident in Hermsdorf/Thueringen. Over 500 fire fighters from 21 countries had the possibility to learn latest rescue methods and to try it in various scenarios. At Sunday about 6000 visitors were at the extensive terrain and could watch several live demonstrations. rescue-tec was exhibitor at the event.

Breathing protection competition in Vockenhausen
Training is not boring! On September 4, 2010 the fire brigade Vockenhausen organized a exciting breathing protection competition. 10 teams had to solve the challenge as good and as quick as possible.
Photo: Thomas Weege and Rainer Horn

Interschutz 2010 in Leipzig
Some impressions from the “hottest” Interschutz. rescue-tec was there with 7 employees. We were very happy about the nice and interesting dialogues.

Gifhorn´s rescue days 2009
At Saturday and Sunday (September, 19 to 20) 146 participants joined the 3. rescue days in Gifhorn.

Renovation and extension of rescue-tec
We expand our team and our company. Here you can see some pictures.

Training seminar “thermal imager for fire brigades”
At May 9, 2009 we arranged a training seminar at the fire brigade Wiesbaden.

Performance comparison of rescue at heights teams
At July 19, 2008 the 4. performance comparison of rescue at heights teams was in Munich in the fire station “Sendling”. rescue-tec was exhibitor at the event.

RETTmobil 2008 in Fulda
We were exhibitor at the RETTmobil in Fulda at May 14 to 17, 2008.

Rescue challenge in Osnabrück
On April 26 to 27, 2008 rescue-tec was exhibitor at the rescue challenge in Osnabrück.

Training seminar “thermal imager for fire brigades”
On April 12, 2008 we arranged a training seminar at the fire brigade Wiesbaden.

Training seminar “thermal imager for fire brigades”
At April, 14.2007 we arranged a training seminar at the fire brigade Wiesbaden.

Training seminar “thermal imager for fire brigades”
On May 12, 2007 we arranged a training seminar at the fire brigade Wiesbaden.

Praxisseminar "Wärmebildkameras im Feuerwehreinsatz"
On June 02, 2007 we arranged a training seminar at the fire brigade Oberthulba.

Rescue challenge in Osnabrück
On November 18 to 19, 2006 rescue-tec was exhibitor at the rescue challenge in Osnabrück.

Diving Days in Aufkirchen
We visited the diving days in Aufkirchen.

Fire brigade competition in Marchtrenk (AT)
From July 6 to 8, 2006 the 44. national fire brigade competition and the 31. national young fire fighter competition took place in Marchtrenk in Austria.

Training seminar “thermal imager for fire brigades”
On Mai 20, 2006 we arranged a training seminar our company in Runkel.

Interschutz 2005
Impressions from the Interschutz 2005 in Hannover.