Ring removal

Ring removal

Machine accidents do not always have to be dealt with using large devices. Sometimes it's the small things that cause big damage.

Many people tend not to take off their rings (wedding rings) even during manual work. How quickly do you get your finger or hand stuck? Within seconds the fingers swell and the ring can no longer be removed. 

With ring saw pliers, rings can be removed easily, without great risk of injury and without pain. The lower part consists of a slightly bent bow and the upper part of a saw blade with a wing screw. The bow is pushed between finger and ring, then the wing screw sets the saw blade in rotation. This only saws through the ring, the finger remains protected by the bow.

Once the ring bar has been sawn through, you need two flat pliers to bend the ring apart. To do this, carefully place the two pliers to the left and right of the parting line and bend the ring until it can be pulled off without touching your finger. Here one must be very careful, since the parting line is very sharp-edged.

Ring materials come in different hardnesses, therefore there are two different ring saw pliers. In contrast to the pliers for gold and silver, the pliers for stainless steel and titanium have a coarser HSS special cutting edge. We have the right products for ring removal!