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rescue-tec Backpack Forest –
forest fire equipment compactly packed!

Summer slowly peaks out. This means not only wood land is very dry, also farm land which is shortly before harvesting. Now only a spark is missing and the dry vegetation catches fire. With the Backpack Forest we offer you a nice and cheap solution for transportation and using the vegetation fire fighting equipment.

Why do we believe that our Backpack Forest is a reasonable supplement for you? Have a look here…

• The backpack system enables the transport of hose
   material even in steep area – the hands keep free.
• Everything of significance for vegetal fires is clearly stored at one place.
• D-hoses (Ø 25mm) and D-nozzles are most of the time absolutely sufficient with their
• With D-hoses (Ø 25mm) you can use your available water reserve optimally and you
   are very mobile. It promotes a dynamic nozzle management.
• There is no need to look for eye and mouth protection in the vehicle. Instead you take
   the protective googles and half masks which are storaged in the backpack.
• D-hoses (Ø 25mm) and the mobility they offer are useful to stop fire spread faster in
   forest, fields or meadow – very faster than it would be possible with a heavy C-hose
   (Ø 42mm).
• The backpack forest is easy to fill due its two separate hose compartments.
   You can decide if you lay the hose in bights or rolled in the backpack.


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