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RuthLee Emergency Evacuation Manikin

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RuthLee Emergency Evacuation Manikin   RuthLee Emergency Evacuation Manikin
RuthLee Emergency Evacuation Manikin   RuthLee Emergency Evacuation Manikin
RuthLee Emergency Evacuation Manikin  
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If there is a real emergency in a nursing home and the people you care for have to be evacuated from the building, how sure are you that all emergency evacuation plans will be carried out successfully? When using manikins for your emergency evacuation training, you can run through various scenarios to ensure that in a real fire, all employees are trained to safely move a resident with minimal risk.

RuthLee developed this manikin after the demand for a product suitable for the health and care sector increased, especially in connection with the planning and training of emergency evacuations. An emergency evacuation plan and the training of ALL employees are essential. This is the only way to be sure that an evacuation can be completed quickly and safely in a real emergency.

The evacuation manikin offers the optimal solution: it is light enough to be easily transported between different locations, but also heavy enough to present the participants of the training with a realistic challenge.

• this lighter doll offers enough weight for training, but can be easily transported
• a strong belt loop on the back enables easy handling and storage
• soft joints to avoid the risk of bruising and bruising
• a collar can be put on the doll
• made from an antibacterial material that is also flame retardant
• supplied with pyjamas, easy to wash for improved hygiene in hospitals and nursing homes
• comes complete with soft boots that can be easily replaced if damaged

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size: 1.80 m
weight: 25 kg

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