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RuthLee Training Dummy Helicopter Winch

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adult, weight 40 kg, size 1.80 m
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This manikin has lighter legs than the standard Man Overboard model, meaning that the legs float more readily when fitting the harness/strops in water. The manikin will sit in a stable "W" position whilst winched to the helicopter. Compatible with standard and Hypothermic Lifting straps. Buckle clips on the inside knees and ankles allow for the option of keeping legs together. The soft feet are designed to allow rapid drainage to prevent too much water in the helicopter.

The tough nylon mesh carcass allows the water to penetrate quickly, allowing the legs to drop beneath the surface, leaving only the head and shoulders visible, if desired. Dry weight 40Kg increases to approximately 65Kg retrieval weight from water. Floats horizontally, vertically or at 45 degrees, to simulate a live person or dead body – achieved by redistributing foam pieces within the overalls in a matter of seconds. Bright orange overalls and SOLAS reflective tape on the head make the manikin highly visible in open water.

Size: 1.80 m
Weight: 40 kg

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