Tie-Down Rope Ratchet, 3/8 Zoll in the Fire Shop for Firefighter gear and Equipment | rescue-tec

Tie-Down Rope Ratchet, 3/8 Zoll

29.90 €
4,5 m long, 115 kg capacity
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Shipping time: 2-3 Days
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The versatile ROPE RATCHET answers all your tiedown needs for work or play. The patented design and rugged construction helps you secure a wide variety of loads quickly and easily. ROPE RATCHET is easy to use design obsoletes old fashion tie-down methods like rope that requires cumbersome knots that slip, elastic cords that stretch, break and snap back and hard to use webbing type ratchets that spool and jam. With ROPE RATCHET you simply attach the two hooks and pull the loose end of the rope for a secure, tight hold. ROPE RATCHET stays tight, locking in place as you pull the free end. To loosen you just pull rope to reduce tension and push the handy thumb Release. Unlike the other tiedown methods you never have to worry about stretching, snapping back, loosening or trying to work a complicated web type system.

Maximum load limit: 115 kg

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