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Set Evacuation Bag Doersdorf

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supplied with:
rescue-tec evacuation bag (TA-02060)
5 rescue-tec running folders for evacuation bag (TA-02065)
6 Varta Flashlights 3AAA Indestructible (TL-07150)
two packs of 10 doormarking cords (AS-02015)
two packs of 10 stopper for door marking cord (AS-02010)
function vest "Geschäftsleitung", blue (KE-04135.M1)
four functional vests "Brandschutzhelfer", red (KE-04135.R1)
two functional vests "Evakuierungsleitung", neon yellow (KE-04135.Y1)
function vest "Techniker", gray (KE-04135.GR1)
function vest "Sammelplatzleitung", green (KE-04135.G1)
Velcro shield "Runner 3 & 4" for pad, orange (KE-05705.O1)
Velcro label "SAP Leitung" for leaflet, green (KE-05705.G1)
Velcro label "EV Leitung" for pad, neon yellow (KE-05705.NY1)
Velcro shield "TE Leiter" for walking folder, gray (KE-05705.GR1)
Velcro shield "Runner 1 & 2" for flap, red (KE-05705.R1)

dimensions: 43 x 22 x 25 cm
total weight: approx. 6.9 kg

rescue-tec evacuation bag with folders
The rescue-tec evacuation bag is used for the clear storage of aids, which in the case of evacuation of big objects such. Hotels, hospitals or nursing homes, are needed. The bag is preferably stored at a meeting / collection point (reception).

Inside, there are five folders which can be equipped with identification vests, doormarking tapes, flashlights, building / escape route plans and checklists.
The folders are arranged clearly in the bag and are assigned by means of color-matched Velcro labels of each department. For the management, a separate vest and flashlight can be stowed in the outer pocket.

Varta Flashlight 3AAA Indestructible
Tactical lamp made of scratch-resistant and impact-absorbing aluminum-titanium alloy.
• tested from 9 m height
• impact-absorbing and particularly durable thanks to aluminum-titanium alloy (aircraft aluminum)
• vibration-resistant interior construction
• IP X4 splash-proof
• two light levels: 120 lumens and 19 lumens (energy saving)
• battery life up to 40 hours in energy-saving mode

rescue tec door signing cord with stopper
With the door marking tape, already controlled rooms or areas can be effectively marked without leaving permanent traces on the doors.

rescue-tec functional vests with lettering
• closure with two Velcro strips
• two surrounding silver reflective stripes
size: one size
material: 100% polyester

rescue-tec Velcro labels with lettering
• with sewn-on Velcro strap for easy attachment to the handle of the folder
material: 100% polyester

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Accessories for Set Evacuation Bag Doersdorf

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