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Set Holster Karlsruhe

89.90 €
holster set with knife, tubular loop, carabiner...
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supplied with:
rescue-tec holster Karlsruhe (HO-01010)
rescue knife Economy (TO-01240)
tubular loop, 180 cm (HR-16060)
HMS carabiner screw lock (HR-10105)
permanent marker, colour yellow (AS-02020.Y)
two 3D wood wedges (AS-03005)
elastic safety strap (SO-80240)

dimensions: 17 x 12 x 8.5 cm
total weight: 700 g

rescue-tec holster Karlsruhe
Holster with three partitions and two straps at the side for timber wedges. Two partitions are with a pull strap to lift smaler equipment for easier taking out. It can be fixed to a normal leather waist belt, on a hip belt consisting of respiratory equipment, on a fireman's safety belt and on the Molle-system.
material: Cordura

rescue knife Economy
rescue knife with super-sharp 1/2 serrated edge, belt cutter and window breaker.
length: 21 cm (open), 12.5 cm (closed)

tubular loop, 180 cm
Certified sling made from tough, endless sewed material for height rescue and fall protection.
Also applicable for crash rescue, self rescue, door opening out of cover, for effective scanning of rooms, fixing of objects and much more.
width: 25 mm, breaking strength: 22 kN

HMS carabiner screw lock
HMS carabiners are locking carabiners that have a pear-shaped design.
material aluminium, breaking strength: 25 kN lengthwise, 8 kN gate open, 9 kN crosswise

permanent marker, colour yellow
It is used for marking rooms or doors during fire fighting. The marker serves for signing especially on dark, rough and dirty surfaces.

3D wood wedges
For securing the return path (in case of one-way opened doors) and to secure windows and doors. Three-dimensional with a draft of 1-25 mm and 20-40 mm.

elastic safety straps
Ideal to protect equipment like knifes or scissors against lost.
material: elastic cord, length normal: 70 cm, length pulled: ca. 100 cm

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Accessories for Set Holster Karlsruhe

rescue-tec Fixation rescue-tec Fixation 2.40 €
for belt holster  

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 2018-11-14 23:34:22 von Barth, Michael
Top geräumig praktisch Kompakt stört nicht beim tragen.
 2017-11-30 19:43:40 von Freiwillige Feuerwehr Sudweyhe
Top Qualität, hervorragende Passform und Größe stabil und wertig, richtige Größe, sehr empfehlenswert
 2014-07-24 16:11:57 von Holste, Martin
Alles sehr gut nur eine kleine Sicherung für die keile wäre noch sehr praktisch
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