Showroom & Seminars

Showroom & Seminars

New Showroom with many possibilities

Service and customer advice are basic modules in our company. Thus it is our target to expand them further. To give our customers the possibility to practically test products, we have a new further location. In Runkel-Ennerich, Großmannswiese 8, only 600 m away from our head office we present products directly to you.

You can test articles for technical assistance also as ventilation technology, thermal imager or products for trainings. In the spacious rooms we offer you to feel the products' handling. E.g. to simulate fire with light, smoke and smell or compare the functions of Bullard thermal imager.

Try different carrying solutions, whether spineboards, basket stretcher or our holsters, bags and backpacks live. Or see the modular system Octopus from ResQTec Zumro with the combination rescue, stabilizing, lifting. Especially the electro series from ResQtec Zumro has enormous power – and absolutely without hydraulic. We also show ventilators whether electrical, petrol-powered or the new battery ventilator Blowhard – see the quality of BIG Tempest.

If you are interested to visit our showroom, just contact us for an appointment.

Trainings and Seminars

A lot of customers asked for workshops and trainings for use of products or complex training themes. We would like to pick up this impulse with our third location.

Not only our employees, also a lot of our customers and suppliers are trainers and instructors and share their knowledge at the latest status. Just like our motto: from practice for practice.

We offer seminars and trainings for different fields like ventilation, search and rescue with the thermal imager camera, door opening and more. Learn more about the current program here.

The seminars are only available in German.