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CBRN Sampling Kit DIN 14555-12 TH-01150 1,344.00
CBRN Sampling Kit DIN 14555-12
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Eccotarp Decontamination Basin TH-07150 866.59
Eccotarp Decontamination Basin
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For safe and efficient decontamination of persons

Door Opening Kit ACCESS ONE TH-03270 486.42
Door Opening Kit ACCESS ONE
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Technical rescue increases. For fire fighter, fire departments, police, rescue services or other helpers with firefighter gear and technical equipment from our firefighter shop you can help fast and competent. For professional door opening we offer high quality locking tools, lock pick sets, picking tools, pick kits for picklock and lockpick (multipick), the backpack door opening and more. For technical rescue you find e.g. the folding cones, rope ratchets in various lengths, spring center punches to grain, glas master sets. Rescue-tec is direct supplier for RESQTEC Zumro rescue equipment for Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz. From RESQTEC Zumro you find in our program lifting bags. Crib blocks, connex system, hydraulic rams, Profix max system, pneumatic struts and more. Useful equipment for accidents, heavy rescue, earthquakes, plane crash, train crash, USAR and more. Equipment and gear for flood and high water are also a part of the rescue-tec fire department shop. rescue-tec -the online shop for firefighter gear and equipment.

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