Think Tank rescue-tec - When prototypes become operational

Think Tank rescue-tec - When prototypes become operational

The demands on holsters and bags are as varied and individual as their wearers. In order to meet the special requirements of emergency services, rescue-tec has specialized in the production of individual solutions and has implemented countless special projects. Some ideas even make it to mass production.

Joachim Leiter, head of the prototyping team, has many years of experience and accompanies projects from the prototype to the operational product.

"We are often faced with difficult tasks. Behind it are also really good ideas that come from professionals. Our linen bag “Dorsten” has even made it to a standard product. We have developed this product in close cooperation with the fire brigade in Dorsten. "

Since 1997, rescue-tec has become the leading manufacturer of holsters and carrying solutions for fire brigades. The collection of bags, holsters and backpacks is expanding steadily. However, there is no end in sight because the requirements for aid organizations are constantly changing and evolving.

"It never gets boring! My model building team and I are faced with new tasks almost every day. For most requirements, we quickly find a solution and put it immediately into action."

By the way, the fact that the holsters and carrying solutions carry city names is no coincidence. rescue-tec works closely with the future carriers during development. The finished product is named after the respective provider of the idea.

Joachim Leiter
Purchasing and product development
Phone: +49 6482 6089-17

Are you looking for an individual solution? We maintain our own prototype building in Runkel and can develop a sample of your product idea within 2–3 weeks.

Your idea - realized easy and uncomplicated

1 The customer turns to rescue tec. He has an idea to adapt an existing product to his requirements, or to jointly develop an entirely new product.
2 According to the customer's request, rescue tec produces a prototype.
3 The product is extensively tested by rescue tec specialists and subsequently by the customer whereafter possible optimizations are implemented.

The product now goes into production in the required quantities and then shipped to the customer.