Transport solutions for the application

Transport solutions for the application

Holster Hessen
A practical belt holster has been specially designed for employees in administration, security and emergency services. Important objects are directly on the body. The hands remain free and additional separate pockets become unnecessary

It offers space for a torch, gloves, smartphone, car keys, a DIN A6 block with pen and disposable gloves. The narrow pocket for the torch is equipped with a pull-out loop to simplify the removal of the lamp.

The holster is very discreet due to its pure black look without applications. It can be attached to belts and the Molle system.

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Blankets Backpack
At demonstrations, rallies or major events, the riot police trains carry fire blankets to contain incipient fires or extinguish burning people, among other things.

This backpack was developed in cooperation with the riot police and specially adapted to their needs. The Velcro fastener makes it possible to remove the fire blanket at lightning speed in order to nip in the bud any incipient fires. Thanks to extra long shoulder straps it can also be worn over the body protection equipment. The material of the backpack is flame resistant. The front has fleece stripes for team identification.

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