rescue-tec – my personal supplier

rescue-tec – my personal supplier

For all helpers like fire brigades, fire- and rescue-services, police, security and more rescue-tec has been the competent partner for personal protective equipment and training. rescue-tec is the expert for developing holsters, bags and backpacks. The range includes a whole collection for fire fighting and technical rescue operations. Well-known customers from all over Europe trust in rescue-tec know-how and ask for individual and customized solutions.

rescue-tec has been significantly involved in introducing personal additional equipment in Germany. Because the holster and bag collection made it possible to carry useful equipment and tools like scissors, knifes, tubular loops and more in operations. The product range has been increased by all types of personal protective equipment and a diversity of training materials.

• bags, holsters and backpacks for fire and rescue services
• robust training dummies
• individual labelled waistcoats and back labels
• ba control boards
• articles for technical rescue
• clothes
• knives and tools
• nozzles
• and much more

A lot of interest gets the textile designer. It is very easy to design your own individual sweat- polo- or t-shirt. There are many remarkable templates for diverse fields, e. g. fire fighting, rescue-service, sports, leisure time and so on. With the templates to design your own shirt with an emblem and lettering is as easy as winking.

As exclusive Bullard distributor in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate rescue-tec has had a long experience with thermal imager technology. All offered Bullard thermal imager were live tested. We are glad to give you competent and reliable advice. Most of our employees are members of volunteer fire brigades and can draw upon many years of experience in firefighting operations. Service and satisfied customers has had top priority for rescue-tec. Thus we pay attention on high quality and reliable suppliers.

quick – competent – reliable aren’ t empty words, but our practiced philosophy. A short delivery time is normally, as well as fair and quick service.

Our product range includes approx. 6000 articles of the following brands: