Practical tip: Seriously injured forest worker under tree!

Practical tip: Seriously injured forest worker under tree!

It is important to make Trainings varied and interesting. That's why here's another practical tip from us: Ruth Lee training dummy and wound simulation set.

In order to prepare such a training, a suitable place must first be found. Tip: Talk to your local forester, he will certainly be able to provide or point out a suitable spot with a fallen tree.

To represent the forestry worker, it is best to use a Ruth Lee Ruth Lee training dummy, as it is very robust and stable. For "draping" the tree trunk on the dummy, a tractor, for example, is very helpful. To make the exercise even more realistic, you could also use a human person who would be located near the tree and who also represents the injured forest worker. Unfortunately, the forestry worker was so clumsy and cut his leg with a chainsaw. A wound simulation set is ideal for a realistic representation of the wound.

While the emergency forces free the dummy from the tree, the medical rescue can be practiced in parallel.

The aim of the exercise is to professionally rescue the forestry worker from his situation. In addition, the initial medical care is to be ensured until the rescue service arrives.