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Our Commitment

Based on many years of activity in the volunteer fire brigade I established the company. Also many of our employees participate in some kind of volunteer work in social fields and organizations. Furthermore I am as an entrepreneur conscious of my responsibility for business partners, employees, but also the conservation and protection of the environment. Nowadays it is not longer possible for me to work in the fire brigade, thus with the intensive support of my employees I engage me in the following areas:

Social Responsibility

We have a sponsorship for a child in the SOS children´s village, Tibilisi (Georgia). We are pleased to support an organization, which gives orphans a home in a family with parents, brothers and sisters. Worldwide there are 545 SOS children´s villages and 1.800 projects in 133 countries to help children and young people.

Every year rescue-tec donates a larger amount to different organizations or in disaster areas (instead of a lot of small Christmas gifts). Lately we supported the LEBERECHT-foundation for handicapped and disadvantaged children, young people and their parents. The best at this foundation is: Every donated Euro is for the good cause and nothing is alienated for administrative activities.

Furthermore we support a workshop for handicapped people, by manufacturing or refining several articles from our program. There are different workplaces depending on performance, the possibility to develop, as well as aptitude and preference. Local appointments have their own character and it is a great pleasure to feel the people´s warmth.

Local Festivals
Free of charge we lend out our fire brigade designed bouncy castle. You can collect it for a weekend and bring it back after that. If you are interested, ask us early, it is quickly booked up.

The protection of sensitive costumer data was and is very important for us. We have got a privacy police and an external data protection supervisor. Mr. See respects independent of the management that all legal requirements are being respected.

For the Environment
An active contribution to climate protection is energy which is not used. Thus we have adopted several measures to save energy and resources. For example to switch of the light in not used areas or if there is enough daylight, the avoidance of unnecessary printings, the use of energy-efficient equipment and much more.

So that the goods arrive to you undamaged, they were well packed. Foils, air-cushioned packaging, cartons and pallets ensure a safe transport
To protect the environment rescue-tec meets all packaging ordinance´s requirements. That is possible with our partner Landbell. In Germany you can dispose the packaging easily via the Duale System.

Probably there are even more areas, that are so natural for us, that we do not talk about them. For example we are member of the Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection (VfDB) and the fire brigade federation Limburg-Weilburg. But the golden rule for all activities is to offer practicable equipment, to simplify the other helpers’ life!

Jörg Hergenhahn
Owner and Managing Director

Employee Friendliness
Our, the rescue-tec employees´ health, well-being and the support are an important concern for our boss. So we haven´t open-plan offices, the generous workplaces are bright and proper and with well ergonomic and technical equipment. Good staffing level and deputies for all departments during vacation and sickness periods allow all times stress-free working. We work independent and we can bring in our own ideas and suggestions certainly. A pleasant, cross-departmental communication, good teamwork and dealing respectfully among the colleagues is natural a benefit for you, the costumer.

If someone in the team wants training, the management is pleased to support him. To leave plenty time for the private life, we have flexible and pleasant working times and if there is a private problem the boss always lends his ear and helps to find a solution. And if kindergarten or school is closed, it is no problem to bring the child to the workplace.

Most of our employees are members of volunteer fire brigades and can draw upon many years of experience in firefighting operations. rescue-tec supports its employees by their voluntary work and got the German award “fire-brigade´s partner”.

This all helps, that we have a very good working atmosphere, like to work at rescue-tec and your benefit as costumer is a friendly, cheerful contact, which has time for you.

Your team rescue-tec