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Spencer Halskrause SPECTAR
Spencer Neck Brace SPECTAR, kit with 6 sizes
Order number: RD-01020
Spencer Rettungskorsett SED
SED Spencer Extrication Device
Order number: RD-01030
Spencer Spineboard ROCK
Spencer Spine Board ROCK
Order number: RD-02000
Spencer Spineboard TANGO
Spencer Spineboard TANGO, load capacity 150 kg
Order number: RD-02003
Spencer Spineboard B-BAK PIN
Spencer Spine Board B-BAK PIN
Order number: RD-02010
Spencer Spineboard B-BAK PIN MAX
Spencer Spineboard B-BAK PIN MAX, load capacity 454 kg, weight 6 kg
Order number: RD-02015
Spencer Patientengurt
Spencer One Piece Belt, with plastic buckle
Order number: RD-02023
Spencer Fixiergurt für Korbtragen
Spencer Fixation Strap for Basket Stretchers, with metal buckle
Order number: RD-02028
Spencer Spineboard Fixiersystem universal
Spencer Spider Straps System for Spine Board
Order number: RD-02030
Spencer Spineboard Fixiersystem RSP
Spencer Paediatric Spider Straps System RSP, with size scale
Order number: RD-02033
Spencer Kopf-Fixierset für Spineboards
Spencer Anatomic Head Immobilizer
Order number: RD-02050
Spencer Ersatz Gurtbänder für Kopf-Fixierset
Spencer Chin/Head Belts Anatomic Head Immobilizer, 2 pack
Order number: RD-02050-E1
Spencer Kopf-Fixierset TANGO FIX
Spencer Anatomic Head Immobilizer TANGO FIX
Order number: RD-02055
Spencer Schleifkorbtrage DAKAR
Spencer Basket Stretcher DAKAR, with wheels, 4 patient straps, footrest
Order number: RD-02067
Spencer Schleifkorbtrage BOSTON PRO
Spencer Basket Stretcher BOSTON PRO, incl. Spineboard ROCK
Order number: RD-02068
Spencer Rettungstrage TOTAL
Spencer Recovery Stretcher TOTAL
Order number: RD-02069
Spencer Patiententransport-System WOW
Spencer Transportation System WOW, load capacity 150 kg
Order number: RD-02080
Spencer Vakuummatratze CDK
Vacuum Mattress CDK
Order number: RD-02240
Doppelhubpumpe Spencer
Double Stroke Pump Spencer, for vacuum mattress
Order number: RD-02245
Spencer Blutdruckmesser Basic
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Basic, adult
Order number: RD-03000
Spencer Blutdruckmesser Sistema 3
Spencer Aneroid Sphhygmomanometer Sistema 3
Order number: RD-03004
Spencer Reanimationsbrett Res-Q-Board
Spencer Resuscitation Board Res-Q-Board, colour yellow
Order number: EH-05080
Spencer Wandhalterung für Res-Q-Board
Spencer Wall Mount for Res-Q-Board
Order number: EH-05083
Spencer Wasserrettungsgurt DOLPHIN
DOLPHIN - Universal Linear Rescue Collar, with flex mask and grab straps
Order number: WR-80015

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