Special Lock Puller Bell 129.90
Special Lock Puller Bell
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This special allows the easy and efficient removal of any type of profile cylinder locks). The BELL allows the fast opening of doors without damaging the door or the door guard. Using the included base plate for the pulling of plugs, it is also possible to only remove the plug itself from the cylinder, allowing quick and easy access to the locking mechanism. The BELL often is the only effective manner of a time-saving emergency-opening, especially in the case of multiple-bolt locks and half cylinders (cylinders that only contain 1 plug and can only be opened from one side of the door), as commonly used for example in glass-doors, garage-doors, alarm systems, and shades. As the device works with a single and centrally oriented pulling-mechanism there are no sideward powers during the actual pulling. This avoids the tilting or breaking of the special pull-screws. (the round cylinder locks is available as an option)