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rescue-tec Bag Command Service

139.00 €
for radio and organisation equipment
incl. VAT plus shipping costs
Shipping time: 2-3 Days
TA-02050   quantity:

This multifunctional bag was specially designed for leaders, which use their own car to drive to operations. Modular design. It offers space for radio equipment, logbook, waistcoats and accessory.

The open bag can be fixed quickly with the car's seatbelt on the passenger seat. Alternative a fixation with the shoulder strap is possible (shoulder strap is laid around the backrest and tightened). A car charging station for radios can be mount on the removable perforated plate. The user can select the position of the radio equipment. Therefor different straps with screws are supplied to fix micros, spare batteries and so on. A rubber pad, which can be cut individual, to protect the radio is also included.

A logbook or multi-organizer (not included) can be fixed in the in the middle part (then the logbook's handle is also used as handle of the bag).

An additional compartment, which is fitted with straps for pens, offers space for handbooks, map material and more.

Two identification waistcoats fit in the outside compartment. The front of the compartment is equipped with a brushed wool ribbon for reflective back labels (e.g. 2 pieces each 380 x 80 mm). (without back label and contents)

supplied with:
perforated plate
4 different straps
rubber pad
shoulder strap

material: Cordura 1000D
dimensions: 41 x 31.5 x 17 cm
weight: 1.53 kg

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Additional information

Pflege rt-Holster und Taschen.pdf 366 KB Download
Material-Information Holster Taschen Rucksäcke aus Cordura 1000D.pdf 164 KB Download

Accessories for rescue-tec Bag Command Service

rescue-tec Spare Part Straps with Bolts an Nuts rescue-tec Spare Part Straps with Bolts an Nuts 24.90 €
complete set for bag command service  
Back Label, 380 x 80 mm Back Label, 380 x 80 mm 14.90 €
matt, with individual text  
Back Label, 380 x 80 mm Back Label, 380 x 80 mm 12.90 €
shiny, with individual text  
Back Label, 380 x 160 mm Back Label, 380 x 160 mm from 19.90 €
matt, with individual text  
rescue-tec Shoulder Strap, cushioned rescue-tec Shoulder Strap, cushioned 9.90 €
with carabiner, variable length up to 130 cm  
rescue-tec Identification Waistcoat PREMIUM rescue-tec Identification Waistcoat PREMIUM 106.00 €
from 89.00 €
for replaceable back labels  
Identification Waistcoat TACTICAL COMMAND Identification Waistcoat TACTICAL COMMAND 129.00 €
for modular equipping  
PAX Logbook DIN A4 portrait PAX Logbook DIN A4 portrait 57.90 €
PAX Logbook DIN A4 Multi-Organizer PAX Logbook DIN A4 Multi-Organizer 76.90 €
PAX Logbook DIN A4 Multi-Organizer PAX Logbook DIN A4 Multi-Organizer 94.90 €
with compartment for tablet  

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 2019-06-10 17:02:08 von Ruppert, Christoph
Die Trageweise mit dem PAX Multi-Organizer macht anfangs einen sehr improvisierten Eindruck. Die Tasche hat die bewährte PAX-Qualität und der Artikel zeigt sich wie beschrieben.

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