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rescue-tec Rapid Intervention Team Bag RIT-Bag

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This bag is used for individual breathing air cylinders (6–9 l) with a directly connected pressure reducer and a long medium pressure line + regulator.

Where there is zero visibility, certain designs allow the Rautek pocket to be opened and the belt sling + bag banding in it can be guided around the casualty. The rapid intervention bag is laid on the patient and additionally fixed with the leg strap (multifunctional shoulder carrying belts). This allows the middle pressure line to be relieved from strain and transportation takes place via the casualty without the need for further people for carrying the bag. (without contents)

material: cordura 1000D
dimensions: 28 x 32 x 85 cm
weight: 2.81 kg

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Additional information

Pflege rt-Holster und Taschen.pdf 366 KB Download
Material-Information Holster Taschen Rucksäcke aus Cordura 1000D.pdf 164 KB Download

Accessories for rescue-tec Rapid Intervention Team Bag RIT-Bag

rescue-tec Fastening Screw for Base Plate rescue-tec Fastening Screw for Base Plate 4.90 €
for RIT-Bag (6 pcs.)  
Rescue Hood MSA Auer RespiHood Rescue Hood MSA Auer RespiHood 264.00 €
rescue-tec Elastic Safety Strap rescue-tec Elastic Safety Strap 1.90 €
protection against loosing equipment  
Back Label, 380 x 80 mm Back Label, 380 x 80 mm 14.90 €
matt, with individual text  
Back Label, 380 x 80 mm Back Label, 380 x 80 mm 12.90 €
shiny, with individual text  
Scissors Cologne Scissors Cologne 19.90 €
handle in signalcolour red  
rescue-tec 3D Timber Wedge rescue-tec 3D Timber Wedge 1.90 €
Lightstick (snap light) Lightstick (snap light) 3.90 €
HMS Carabiner Screw Lock HMS Carabiner Screw Lock 12.90 €
rescue-tec Set Runners (2 pieces) rescue-tec Set Runners (2 pieces) 34.90 €
for RIT-Bag (9 l version), with screws  
Carrying Sling EN 1865 Carrying Sling EN 1865 49.90 €
Rescue Litter, PVC Rescue Litter, PVC 39.90 €
rescue-tec Screw Protective Cover rescue-tec Screw Protective Cover 9.90 €
for RIT-Bag when GRP-Bottles are used  
rescue-tec Bottles fixation rescue-tec Bottles fixation 9.90 €
for RIT-Bag (up from 2016)  
rescue-tec Back Label SICHERHEITSTRUPP rescue-tec Back Label SICHERHEITSTRUPP 14.90 €
size 380 x 80 mm, colour yellow matt  

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