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rescue-tec Rope Pouch Dorsten

78.90 €
with hook for b.a. and additional pockets
incl. VAT plus shipping costs
Shipping time: 2-3 Days
HO-01218   quantity:

For 30 m rescue rope (DIN 14920) or up to 100 m guide rope.

This rope bag can be fastened to nearly every breathing apparatus (for devices with two bottles only partially suitable). It is hooked with one hook to the top harness of the breathing air cylinder and fastened using a rubber band over the cylinder valve. The pouch can be unhooked in one quick movement (pulled upwards) and removed by the user.
The rope can be fastened on the inside of the pouch with a karabiner. A secure connection is assured, if the rope is used to protect the way back. The opening on the bottom, which can be shut tight, prevents the line running out in an uncontrolled way. 30 m of rescue rope or up to 100 m guide rope fit in the bag.
Because its fixation on the ba there is no annoying sliding or covering of other equipment and the hands are free.

With its three attached additional compartments the rope pouch Dorsten combines the two components, rope pouch and holster. With the different compartments in an offset arrangement a fast access to useful equipment like scissors Cologne, loops with karabiners, timber wedges or marking pens is possible even in low-zero visibility. (without contents)

material: Cordura 1000D
colour: black
dimensions: 40 cm x Ø 18 cm
weight: 0.37 kg

The rope pouch Dorsten is also available in a red version (HO-01218.R). So it is possible to give the teams different colours or to distinguish carried along material.

This rope pouch could be printed individual. More you will find there.

Shipping costs, Terms of payment and delivery and more you will find in our customer information.

Additional information

Pflege rt-Holster und Taschen.pdf 366 KB Download
Leinenbeutel Datenblatt.pdf 834 KB Download
Material-Information Holster Taschen Rucksack aus Cordura 1000D.pdf 164 KB Download

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 2017-10-08 17:38:49 von Peterhansl, Marinus
ausgezeichnetes Produkt, wird bei mir in der Strömungsrettung als kompakte Abseilstelle vverwendet.
 2015-12-31 18:09:20 von Michl
Der Leinenbeutel ist sehr praktisch und macht einen stabilen Eindruck. Wir werden in absehbarer Zeit alle Pressluftatmer mit diesen Leinenbeuteln ausstatten, sodass alles bereits beim Ausrüsten an einem Platz "am Mann" ist. Schön wäre jedoch, wenn es für den/die Stift/e eine "gesonderte Außentasche" geben würde, denn das Gummiband hält den Stift nicht korrekt.

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