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rescue-tec Rope Pouch Fire Compact

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made of Nomex, for 30 m Aramid rescue rope
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The requirements on equipment for firefighters have changed over the years. Therefore this rope pouch concept was developed in close collaboration with the team of and was tested extensively by many fire brigades in operation and training services. The positive results caused us to the series production of this rope pouch.

Fixation and combination
The rescue-tec rope pouch Fire Compact is fixed on the right or left pelvis strap of the b.a. by hook-and-loop tapes. Even with gloves the pouch is easy to release.
Because of the light and compact construction, even extreme narrows can be passed without any problems. The high accident risk by getting stuck is minimised. The emergency release appliance allows the firefighter to release himself from the rope pouch. A tensile force of 250 - 300 N is enough to release the rope pouch from the b.a. strap.
The function of the b.a. is not affected by using combined with the bag. Also put on and down the b.a. with combined rope pouch is possible without any problems.

Alternative to the classical fire brigade rope
The self-rescue by emergency roping is complicating and chancy. Therefore the main attention is on secure the retraction distance and roping of operating resources. For this a 30 m Aramid rope with a breaking load of 895 kg and a melting point of 450 °C is intended. The rope is fixed on the bottom of the pouch by a carabiner. The outlet of the rope is possible in two directions. Hook-and-loop flaps prevent an uncontrolled outlet.

Additional accessory
Three additional shelves offer space for a mini coupling key and two 3D timber wedges. By extraction loops the wedges can put off easily, also with gloves.
All accessories are protected against external influences. For an optimal opening of the main shelf the cover is extra reinforced.

rescue-tec aramid rope 30 m (AS-06160), aluminium carabiner HMS with screw lock (HR-10105), accessory carabiner (SO-80270), rescue-tec UNISEK mini coupling key (TO-02380) and two rescue-tec 3D timber wedges (AS-03005) are not included.

Under item no ST-01280 see the rope pouch as a set with the recommended content of

material: Nomex, antistatic
dimensions: 21 x 20 x 10 cm
weight: 0,23 kg

Shipping costs, Terms of payment and delivery and more you will find in our customer information.

Additional information

Pflege rt-Holster und Taschen.pdf 366 KB Download

Accessories for rescue-tec Rope Pouch Fire Compact

rescue-tec 3D Timber Wedge rescue-tec 3D Timber Wedge 1.90 €
HMS Carabiner Screw Lock HMS Carabiner Screw Lock 12.90 €
UNISEK Pocket Size Key UNISEK Pocket Size Key 24.90 €
Connecting all couplings!  
rescue-tec Aramid Guide Rope 30 m rescue-tec Aramid Guide Rope 30 m 94.90 €
without marker thread, melting point: 450 °C  
Set Rope Pouch Fire Compact Set Rope Pouch Fire Compact 209.00 €
rope pouch with equipment  

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