rescue-tec helps!

rescue-tec helps!

As you may know, we happily support aid projects for children. The direct help is important to us, so that everything arrives where it is needed. That is why we sponsored the association Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V. with bandages for children. If you would like to know more about the association, please visit

A report about the use of the donations can be found here:

Dear rescue-tec team,                                            Erfurt, 28.05.18

I would like to thank you very much for the generous donation of first aid kits. The first part has already reached its goal in Namibia and I was able to personally send the materials to three different projects in Swakopmund, Namibia.

In 2017 I did my internship in a school project in Namibia called "Mondesa Youth Opportunities". More information The project has existed for several years and is the contact point for about 120 pupils in grades 4 to 8, who come from the surrounding township/poor district. During the 2 months I worked on the project, I realized how much love and work has been invested is in this project, but also what is also missing the most here: Dressing materials and first aid kits. Not only in order to minimize the high HIV risk on site, but also to give the children the necessary care, first aid materials are urgently needed here. Sometimes it was unbearable to send a bleeding child back to the schoolyard with just a handkerchief.

This is my motivation and I would like to give it back to the project. My goal was to build a first aid kit/first aid cabinet in every building. In cooperation with the management of the project we decided that the small first aid boxes would be integrated into the two school buses that transport more than 100 children a day. The first-aid bags will be used for excursions with immediate effect. In addition, I was able to ensure that the first first aid cabinets were already installed in the project office. Further materials will reach the project by the end of this year.

Another project that is close to my heart and with which I have been cooperating for a long time is the "Dantago- Arts and Craft Centre" in the DRC, Swakopmund. A district where people live in huts without electricity or water. This project was founded by dear Katrina a few years ago. In the beginning she taught handicrafts to unemployed women. Meanwhile, the project is also a contact point for about 100 children and young people, who are supplied with food several times a week. They jointly organise project days and project weeks in order to provide the children from the sometimes dangerous neighbourhood with a safe place to "be a child" and learn together.

Another part of the donations went to the state Hanganeni Primary School. This school is located directly at the township DRC and is attended by about 700 pupils. Overcrowded classrooms, lack of school materials and vandalism are part of everyday life at this school. I was able to personally hand over the donation to the "social worker for disadvantaged pupils" Ernestine, who was extremely pleased. I am still in contact with all three projects for the purpose of development cooperation and partnership, but also to ensure that donations are not stolen or misused.

With best regards,
Theresa Rhode
Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e. V