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Disposable pillow RD-09030 4.50 €
Disposable pillow
size: 40 x 40 cm Add to card
Shipping time: 3 Weeks
Disposable pillowcase RD-09040 0.80 €
Disposable pillowcase
size: 40 x 50 cm Add to card
Shipping time: 3 Weeks
Disposable Bed Sheet Cover RD-09050 3.50 €
Disposable Bed Sheet Cover
resistant to moisture, size: 240 x 150 cm Add to card
Shipping time: 3 Weeks
Blanket Ambulance light RD-09060 4.90 €
Blanket Ambulance light
four-layer, size: 195 x 105 cm Add to card
Shipping time: 5 Weeks
Sterillium hand disinfection RD-80115 21.50 €
Sterillium hand disinfection
content: 1000 ml Add to card
Shipping time: 2-3 Days
Dosing pump für 1000 ml bottle Sterillium RD-80118 7.50 €
Dosing pump für 1000 ml bottle Sterillium
  Add to card
Shipping time: 2-3 Days
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In the rescue-tec online-shop you find articles and kits for First aid and rescue services e. g. 1st aid kits, medical packs, first aid boxes, filled or empty 1st aid bags and PAX emergency backpacks. For professionals we offer a resuscitation bag, rescue service bag, rescue backpack, paramedic bag and holster and pouches. To transport patients carefully you will find spineboard /spine board, basket stretcher and scoop stretcher. Certainly we have robust rescue clothing from S-Gard and Watex and Haix rescue boots e. g. Air power X1 and R90 or Nevada mid and low. Our range of products contains waterjel / water jel burn dressings, Ambu products, equipment for rescue dos and more. Rescue-tec the shop with first aid supplies, emergency squad bags and rescue gear and equipment.

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