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Ruth Lee Training Dummy

889.00 €
adult, weight 50 kg, size 1.80 m
incl. VAT plus shipping costs
Ruth Lee Training Dummy   Ruth Lee Training Dummy
Ruth Lee Training Dummy   Ruth Lee Training Dummy
Ruth Lee Training Dummy   Ruth Lee Training Dummy
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The General Purpose training dummies from Ruth Lee are the most popular models for the common rescue scenarios such as working at height, confined space, USAR, RTA etc and general handling exercises. The durable dummies will be now produced with new flammable retardant polyester. This is more than four times tougher than the previous shell from canvas, so the new dummies are nearly indestructible.

They are weighted to produce an anatomically correct weight distribution and the "feel" of an unconscious patient.
Crucially, these training dummies totally eliminate the risk of pinch welts and bruising being inflicted on trainees, a common injury when using plastic bodied dummies which usually have hard limb joints – for example when a hard knee joint folds over the forearm of a trainee. Our training dummies have soft outer layers and have no hard joints – in fact you can forcibly wrap a knee joint around a trainees forearm with no risk of injury.

These training dummies are tough enough to be buried under concrete, have steel lintels, concrete slabs, trees or motor vehicles laid upon them to present a realistic scenario for rescuers.

The supplied protective overall keeps the training dummy clean, and greatly increases the lifespan; they are produced using cotton/polyester woven fabric and are reinforced with high density polypropylene webbing in identified high stress areas. The ends of the arms are further protected with Nylon reinforced PVC. The machine washable overalls are fitted to all sizes of dummy.

The General Purpose training dummies can be used in temperatures up to 100 °C. All training dummies of 20 kg and over are supplied complete with Wellington boots. The boots protect the legs if the dummy is dragged along the ground. The General Purpose training dummy is ideally suited for "dry" rescue conditions. If it gets wet it needs to be hung in a dry airy place to dry before storage.

supplied with:
protective overall

size: 1.80 m
weight: 50 kg

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Accessories for Ruth Lee Training Dummy

Ruth Lee Carrying Holdall Ruth Lee Carrying Holdall 99.90 €
for rescue training dummies  
Ruth Lee Face Mask Ruth Lee Face Mask 142.00 €
for all Ruth Lee training dummies up to 30 kg  
Ruth Lee Thermal Imaging Suit Ruth Lee Thermal Imaging Suit 2,549.00 €
for adult manikins up to 90 kg  
Shoutbox for rescue dummies Shoutbox for rescue dummies 499.00 €
Ruth Lee Training Dummy Leg Protector Ruth Lee Training Dummy Leg Protector 164.00 €
for adult dummies till 70 kg  
Ruth Lee Weighted Waistcoat Ruth Lee Weighted Waistcoat 279.00 €
20 kg for Ruth Lee rescue training dummies  
Ruth Lee Replacement Overall Ruth Lee Replacement Overall 204.00 €
for 20 to 90 kg rescue training dummies adult  
Ruth Lee Replacement Boots Ruth Lee Replacement Boots 26.90 €
suitable for all training dummies up to 20 kg  
Ruth Lee Thermal Tabbard Ruth Lee Thermal Tabbard 154.00 €
for 30, 50, 70 oder 100 kg training dummies  
Ruth Lee Water-Fillable Bariatric Suit Ruth Lee Water-Fillable Bariatric Suit 3,626.00 €
for any adult 1.80 m Ruth Lee Duty Range manikin  

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 2017-09-07 07:48:44 von Duensing, Dominik
Bewehrte RuthLee Qualität. Wir haben gleich zwei dieser Puppen (Kind + Erwachsener) zu Übungszwecken im Einsatz. Anschaffungspreis ist sehr hoch, dafür aber langlebig, realitätsnah, robust und entsprechend schwer. Lieferung von RescueTec wie gewohnt tadellos und schnell.

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