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Kalibrierungsadapter für Serie 03 + 04
Calibration Adapter for Series 03
Order number: AS-04133
Schlauch für Prüfgas Serie 03 + 04
Gas Sampling Hose for Series 03, length approx. 1 m
Order number: AS-04134
Durchflussregulator für Serie 03 + 04
Flow Regulator for Series 03, 0.5 l/min, C-10 connection
Order number: AS-04135
Multigaswarngerät GX-3R
Gas Monitor GX-3R, recharg. battery, up to 40 h active operating time
Order number: AS-04150
Kalibrierungsadapter für GX-3R
Calibration Adapter for GX-3R
Order number: AS-04153
Durchflussregulator für GX-3R
Flow Regulator for GX-3R, 0.5 l/min, C-10 connection
Order number: AS-04154
Dockingstation SDM-3R für GX-3R
Dockingstation SDM-3R for GX-3R
Order number: AS-04155
Kohlenstoffmonoxid/Sauerstoff Gaswarngerät CX-04
Carbon Monoxide/Oxygen Gas Monitor 04 Series, ATEX certified, up to 4600...
Order number: AS-04200

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