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PAX Erste Hilfe Tasche - L
PAX First Aid Bag, size L, dimensions 10 x 19 x 25 cm
Order number: EH-03250.L
PAX Erste Hilfe Tasche - M
PAX First Aid Bag size M, dimensions 24 x 13 x 6 cm
Order number: EH-03250.M
PAX Erste Hilfe Tasche - S
PAX First-Aid Bag size S, PAX-Light, dimensions 18 x 13 x 6 cm
Order number: EH-03250.S
PAX Erste Hilfe Tasche - XS
PAX First Aid Bag size XS, PAX-Light, dimensions 10 x 7 x 4 cm
Order number: EH-03250.XS
PAX Erste-Hilfe-Tasche XL
PAX First Aid Pack, PAX-Plan, dimensions 35 x 27 x 17 cm
Order number: EH-03260
PAX Bürobegleiter 2019
PAX Office Companion 2019, PAX-Dura
Order number: FB-80220
PAX Reisetrolley M
PAX Travel Trolley M, PAX-Tec
Order number: FB-80305
PAX Reisetrolley L
PAX Travel Trolley L, PAX-Tec
Order number: FB-80310
PAX Rucksack exPAXable
PAX Backpack eXPAXable, colour highviz/bright yellow
Order number: FB-80330
PAX Handschuhholster einfach - 2019
PAX Glove Holster, for 2 pairs of disposable gloves
Order number: HO-02000
PAX Holster M
PAX Rescue Service Holster M, PAX-Light
Order number: HO-02020
PAX Holster L
PAX Rescue Service Holster L, PAX-Light
Order number: HO-02030
PAX Stethoskopholster
PAX Stethoscope Holster, PAX-Light
Order number: HO-02040
PAX Pro Series - Holster L
PAX Pro Series - Holster L, PAX-Dura
Order number: HO-02200
PAX Pro Series - Holster L Segufix
PAX Pro Series - Holster L Segufix, PAX-Dura
Order number: HO-02210
PAX Pro Series - Holster Lampe S
PAX Pro Series - Holster Lamp S, PAX-Dura
Order number: HO-02220
PAX Pro Series - Holster Lampe M
PAX Pro Series - Holster Lamp M, PAX-Dura
Order number: HO-02230
PAX Pro Series - Holster Lampe L
PAX Pro Series - Holster Lamp L, PAX-Dura
Order number: HO-02240
PAX Pro Series - Handschuhholster
PAX Pro Series - Glove Holster, PAX-Dura
Order number: HO-02250
PAX Pro Series - Brillenholster
PAX Pro Series - Glasses holster, PAX-Dura
Order number: HO-02260
PAX Pro Series - Funkgeräteholster M
PAX Pro Series - Walkie-Talkie Holster M, PAX-Dura
Order number: HO-02340
PAX Pro Series - Funkgeräteholster L
PAX Pro Series - Walkie-Talkie Holster L, PAX-Dura
Order number: HO-02350
PAX Lock-System
PAX Lock-System, for PAX Pro Series holster
Order number: HO-02360
PAX Rettungs-Boa
PAX Rescue-Boa
Order number: RD-02175
PAX Tragetuch mit Durchrutschsicherung L
PAX Patient Carrying Sheet with 8 grips, and slipping protection
Order number: RD-02180
PAX Tragetuch XXL
PAX Patient Carrying Sheet XXL, load capacity up to 400 kg
Order number: RD-02183
PAX Patiententransportsack
PAX Patient Transport Sack, PAX-Dura
Order number: RD-02185
PAX Immobilisations-Handschlaufe
PAX Immobilization hand loops
Order number: RD-02200
PAX Notfalltasche Oldenburg
PAX Emergency Bag Oldenburg, PAX-Tec
Order number: RD-06025
PAX First Responder 2019
PAX First Responder Bag, PAX-Tec
Order number: RD-06045
PAX Kindernotfall Erweiterung
PAX Paediatric Emergency Pack, PAX-Tec, colour bright yellow
Order number: RD-06055.Y
PAX Kindernotfall-Tasche
PAX Pediatric Emergency Bag, PAX-Tec
Order number: RD-06060.R
PAX Oxy-Compact L
PAX Oxygen Acute Bag L, PAX-Tec
Order number: RD-06201
PAX Oxy-Compact M
PAX Oxy-Compact-Bag M, PAX-Tec
Order number: RD-06220
PAX Zubehörtasche Spineboard
PAX Spineboard Accessory Bag, PAX-Plan
Order number: RD-06290
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