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PAX Emergency Backpack Wasserkuppe L - 2019

PAX Notfallrucksack Wasserkuppe L - 2019
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  • RD-07010
The PAX emergency backpack Wasserkuppe L - magnet The PAX Wasserkuppe L emergency backpack is... more

The PAX emergency backpack Wasserkuppe L - magnet
The PAX Wasserkuppe L emergency backpack is the basic model of the proven PAX emergency backpack series without front and side pockets. You can use them for a 2-backpack system and divide them up in a clear and variable way.

Flat ruffle compartment in front
On the front of the PAX Wasserkuppe L we have integrated an extra long, flat compartment in which you can store a neck brace (although sometimes this will damage the material, depending on the manufacturer of the neck brace). Behind this compartment you access the separate document compartment via a side zipper.

The PAX rescue backpack, a smart corpus - and many rubber loops
In the corpus, this PAX emergency backpack shows its true organisational talent. You can arrange PAX inside pockets very freely in the body. The backed Velcro strips, which are sewn in concealed at the edges, hold them securely in place. We have attached several wide rubber band loops all around the body frame. You can store masks in there for quick access, for example. If necessary, remove or replace the rubber band. We have also added flat transparent pockets in the frame. For example, you have non-sterile examination gloves right at hand. All PAX water dome rubber strap loops are marked either red for circuit protection material or blue for airway protection material. In combination with the optionally available, also colour-coded inner pockets, this makes it easier for you to organise your emergency rucksack Wasserkuppe L according to your needs.

Clever design
Carry your PAX Wasserkuppe L crossways or lengthways, because we have given it two handles. These are easy to disinfect and can be grasped immediately, even in a hurry, thanks to the striking colour. You can remove the PAX shoulder straps and replace them yourself if they have become so dirty from many uses that even regular washing no longer helps. If you get stuck somewhere, throw the rucksack over the buckles on the straps. The firmly riveted feet of the PAX Wasserkuppe L create a distance to the ground. So you might as well dump your backpack in the dirt. You can either replace the feet yourself when they are worn out or use our repair service. When you fully open the pack, the sliders of the main zipper retract into a zipper garage made of a particularly durable material. This increases their service life and protects them from abrasion.

Clearly visible: Reflex on five sides
Better safe than sorry: That's why we equip the emergency rucksack PAX Wasserkuppe L with reflective strips on five sides. Together with the PAX triangle on the front and back, they achieve a clear warning effect.
The magnetic system for the inside pockets makes it easier to clean and disinfect.
The serial number of PAX Wasserkuppe backpacks is always located on the upper handle.

material: PAX-Tec (blue, red), PAX-Plan (yellow)
dimensions: 57 x 42 x 23 cm
weight: 2.6 kg

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"PAX Emergency Backpack Wasserkuppe L - 2019"

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